People are at the heart of everything that we do, and we try our utmost to ensure that our people are with us for the right reasons.

Although organisational growth is far from being our main goal for the future, preferring to stay at a size that will continue to allow for a highly personal level of care and home management, we are always interested to hear from people who view care of the elderly as their vocation – not just ‘a job’.

As highlighted on the ‘Our Philosophy’ and ‘Training & Development’ pages, we very much favour the ‘advancement from within’ approach, very often working with people who are at a relatively early stage in their careers and are looking to learn and gain experience within homes such as ours. In this way, we can share ‘best practice’, teaching skills and nurturing behaviours that will give them invaluable insight, understanding and confidence towards being a complete, compassionate, caring professional.


For the right kind of people, a rewarding, professionally structured, successful future awaits you in terms of:

  • Structured induction and training programmes
  • Personal growth through self-respect and inner confidence
  • Acquisition of skills and professional qualifications
  • Job security
  • Career advancement
  • Professional respect.


Ongoing Career Opportunities

We are always looking for kind and caring people to join our team at all of our homes.  If you are interested in pursuing either a full or part-time career, please contact our main office on 01986 894200 or email Frances Friday –