Interests & Activities

Providing stimulation is an important element of care, which is why all of our care homes have a dedicated Activities Co-ordinator.

For those who wish to take part, there are a wide variety of organised activities throughout the week and, where possible and appropriate, ‘housekeeping’ activities are encouraged which helps maintain a sense of worth, physical dexterity, dignity and ‘community spirit’.


Hobbies & Interests

Importantly though, those who do not wish to take part in activities are given the respect of their preferences, acknowledging the individuality of each of our residents and everyone’s need for personal space and occasional ‘quiet time’.

Of course, if you have a specific hobby or interest, we will be happy to arrange activities around it.

From time to time, day trips are organised – such as a boat trip or to places of interest. On occasions, professional entertainers will also perform.

During the Covid-19 precautions, all activities are pre-assessed and modified or replaced to minimise risk and keep residents and staff as safe as possible.